Newport Professional Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 45

President Austin Kresser steps down

The members of Newport professional firefighters would like to thank Austin Kresser for his service to Local 45. During his time as President, Austin lead the members of Local 45 through contract negotiations in which the members received raises for the first time in a while. Austin also kept members sticking together throughout harsh working conditions that have since been resolved. Austin was voted by the members of Local 45 as President Emeritus of Newport Professional firefighters.

Thanks again President Emeritus Kresser for your dedication.

Brandon Schoborg was voted as the next President of Local 45

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Welcome Chief Darin

Local 45 would like to welcome Chief William Darin. Chief Darin comes to us from East Peoria Il. Local 45 looks forward to working with Chief Darin on the mission of our local.

Welcome Chief!

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Congratulations to Firemedic Jake Silvati on his promotion to Engineer/Medic and also to Engineer/Medic Scott Kohrs on his promotion to Lieutenant.

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